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Free Tools for Designing and Printing Posters

This morning one of my Facebook friends lamented the arrival of a “back to school” display at our local grocery store. Last week I got my first “back to school” email. It came from a classroom supplies and classroom decorations vendor. So I guess it’s time to at least entertain the thought of getting classrooms...


How to Create Sorting & Matching Games

Last week I showed a group of teachers how to use the MIT App Inventor. One asked me if it could be used to create a memory game. It certainly could be used to make a memory game. In fact, I have a student who is working on doing that right now. It’s a great exercise...


Great Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

While play is an essential way we learn throughout life, it’s especially important for young kids. In early childhood education — specifically in preschool and kindergarten classrooms — play is an indispensable learning tool because it allows kids to explore and begin to make sense of their world safely. These playful apps run the gamut...


How to Virtually Place Yourself in Front of Any Landmark With Free Image Editing Tools is a free tool that will automatically remove the background from selfie-style pictures. Pixabay and Unsplash are good places to find free pictures of world landmarks. Google Slides is an easy-to-use tool for layering two pictures together to create a new one. Combine all three of those tools and you can virtually place yourself...

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